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" أعود لأكتب ، و أكتب لأعيش ، و أعيش لأحقق غاية الإله " أومي

one day..from my days

18:35 13/02/2010

i woke up to day at 7am ..then i preper my self to go to forum in marakech with my mom

i was excited...after all we went out

then it rain ..we felt coold and my clothes was not good for that weather

i really was nervous..

at 10..we were in palais des congres .

ther was very nosy and big lots students lots talking

evry school want a cosmerrs want students ..to conntunue its way

evty things was nice..but even if i did not like it i dont know why!!

maybe..because i did not find what i want..i want something rlition with press and media but nothing from all that

exept some schools of multimedia and animation


i have a big ambition ..ithink i must leave my contry to quatar

ther i can find my self

but here nothing ...

at 12 i think ..we took a taxi then we went to asswake alssalame to shopping after that ..we went to bab doukala to buy

some old books ..my sister that book.

we stope then in station of our bus

we wait for an1hour or more

and the wether was cool i was freezing ..

now am in my home and am so confused about  my future



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